Asset Management & Owner Representative

At Beacon Sky Hospitality we understand the Asset Management Cycle and use this knowledge to advise Owning companies of how best to create a healthy bottom line and capital driven Asset Management Plan.

The focus is on the performance of the asset of behalf of the stakeholders and to implement means to maximize the ROI.

  • Strategic Asset and Capital Planning
  • Brand Services and Operator Selection
  • Physical Property Review
  • Management / Operator Review
  • Optimization of Profitability and Returns on Investment IRR
  • Physical Property Review
  • Review the activities and performance of the Hotel Management / Hotel Operator on behalf of the owning company and provide relevant recommendations
  • Review proposed and required F.F.& E. and capital improvement/expenditure plans and recommendations in ownerships best interest
  • Analyze, review and negotiate annual budget/business plans
  • Benchmarking against relevant competitive set 
  • Provide on-going monitoring of cash flow and hotel operations and how to optimize 
  • Monitor expense control
  • Review Management Team capability, performance and qualification
  • Ensure compliance by brand and management company according to contract 
  • Distribute periodical ownership reporting
  • Manage relationships of main stakeholders
  • Represent owner interests with main key contract negotiations
  • Provide Repositioning Strategies & Analysis
  • Provide Investment and Divestment Strategy

Asset Management

  • acting as owner representative 
  • supervising the management be it branded or non branded
  • review how to  maximize the return on asset 
  • assist owning company on managing investments 
  • optimize management activities

Operator Selection & negotiation

  • provide suggestions on most suitable selection of operators
  • compare options of brands
  • review terms and negotiate commercial terms
  • review hotel management agreements
  • negotiate HMA content

Mediation Services

  • assist owning company when legal dispute arise
  • avoid abitration or court and assist to meditate in alternative ways
  • save on legal fees and time to settle any legal disputes
  • settle disputes while maintaining good relationships among parties