Forming a major part of the team’s value and experience is  the companies' pragmatic and balanced approach to hotel & resort development. The team partners up with the developer to add value to the proposition with a view to act on Ownership’s behalf

  • Site Selection, Facilities Planning & Land Use
  • Market & Feasibility Assessment
  • Capital Planning 
  • Development Advisory
  • Investment Analysis

Site Selection, Facilities Planning & Land Use

Beacon Sky Hospitality can assist with issues such as site conditions, density and entitlement issues, infrastructure and assessment of potential risks. With our years of development experience, we add insight into what facilities should be planned based upon a specific location and guest demographic. We are able to work within an interdisciplinary development team or as third-party independent advisors.

Market & Feasibility Assessment

A thorough assessment of the investment and development objectives is sought, with financial modeling, risk identification offering insight and strategic support.

With expertise in the due diligence process, we are able to present feasibility studies that are used in the process of structuring and securing financial and investment support in for a range of hospitality product, brands and in a wide geographic range.

Beacon Sky Hospitality will provide careful analysis of current and projected business conditions in the context of the unique location of the planned development. Helping to validate owner objectives, project positioning and branding to maximize market potential, our consultants help developers make decisions based on informed and judicious evidence.


Assisted Living Concepts

Beacons Sky Hospitality has vast knowledge on assisted Living concepts,  including semi retirement homes and community projects.  With the growing demand for such developments the region South East Asia has proven to be a optimal choice for investing in such hospitality real estate.  Beacon Sky Hospitality has extensive experience including business plans for such models including technical specifications and special services required for these models.  In addition Beacon Sky Hospitality has teamed up with various global management companies in this field and also has important marketing channels for these markets.

Capital Planning

Beacon Sky Hospitality will assist in identifying and recommending short- and long-term capital plans, as well as coordinating the interface between owner/developer, executives with brand companies, and with third-party operators.

As detail-oriented experts who are able to leverage experience and relationships to offer broad-based direction to ensure the viability of a project.


Beacon Sky Hospitality offers guidance in budgeting, developing project timelines, determining highest yield investments, assisting in assembling project teams, and even recommending contingency plans to achieve successful execution

Investment Analysis

The company  provides for each project or development a financial study.  This comprises of a 5 – 10 year feasibility forecast including a Return on Investment Calculation and ROI study.

A risk analysis is prepared for the investor / owning company in order to professional assess the mid and long term risk factors.

In addition the company may propose the best and most efficient financing of a project or investment with the optimized combination of equity and debt. If required a plan will be put forward with the best possible ways of raising funds and capital through interested parties.

The Company is equally in the position to make introductions to investors for a project  and vice versa.

Other Development Advisory services

  • Building survey / site survey / project survey 
  • Site selection & analysis
  • Development Plan & Strategy
  • Provide Market Surveys 
  • Provide options for development for the site / project 
  • Review of Masterplans, set- up / layouts and logistics of the project
  • Feasibility Studies including Real estate market conditions, trends and cyclicality, and impact on the business
  • Review hotel / resort concepts, including F&B concepts, Business & leisure concepts, Spa , Recreation concepts 
  • Financial Projections Forecast