As senior executives with hotel and resort management experience Beacon Sky Hospitality offers Owning companies a key insight and offers extensive hospitality experience to well manage the asset.

Beacon Sky Hospitality's experience in multiple countries including China, Thailand, Maldives, Indonesia, Australia, Fiji, Philippines, Mauritius, India to the Middle East in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and further on to Europe with France, Germany and the Netherlands. Other destinations include the US and Mexico.

Beacon Sky Hospitality possess a comprehensive range of experience in all areas of hospitality operations, and has hands-on experience to provide practical, actionable, and cost effective strategies and solutions.

  • Hotel & Independent Restaurant, Bars & Banqueting Operations
  • Financial & Business Analysis
  • Revenue Management
  • Human Resources & Executive Search 
  • Facilities Management, Maintenance Programming & Capital Planning 
  • Organizational Reviews & Management Assessment  
  • Spas, Wellness & Recreation Advisory
  • Security Guidance and Assessment

Other Operational & Management services

  • Operational performance analysis
  • Provide interim management services
  • Complete profit improvement assessments
  • Review current workplace operational methodology and practices
  • Report on existing operational strategies

Interim Management

  • provide interim managers
  • provide management solutions
  • recommend turn around tactics 
  • create short and long term urgency measures

Quality Control

  • indebt quality control through quality checks
  • provide mystery guest program
  • measure quality with own and third party check mechanism
  • provide investigation process where required

Audit Services

  • provide detailed audits in the operation with extensive checklists  for :
  • Finance audit 
  • HR audit
  • Operations audit
  • Sales and Marketing audit
  • Reservation and Front Office audit
  • Engineering audit
  • Hygiene audit (third pty)

Revenue Management

  • implement revenue management strategy
  • provide revenue Dash board
  • set up structure in organization 
  • implement rate structure for property 
  • provide training for revenue management
  • monitor weekly / monthly execution of revenue mgt
  • review rate parity and rate strategy